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Home Energy Assessment

About your Assessment

Your assessment is an in-depth analysis of your current energy usage, existing insulation levels and areas of concern in your home. The Assessment is No-Cost to you. 

We will make strategic recommendations on where you can make improvements in terms of lighting, heating, cooling and insulation upgrades. 

A high return on investment is our goal. We will offer and apply any available rebates and incentives that are offered in your area. 

​Your assessment will conclude with a detailed summary of our findings. You may use this "action plan" to determine what recommendations you want to take action on and which ones you do not.

We will assist you through the entire process making sure you get the maximum return on investment and make the right improvements that have the largest impact on energy reduction and save you the most money every day.

" The Assessment is No-Cost to you."

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Instant Savings Measures

No-Cost Lighting Upgrades

No-Cost Power Strips 

Thermostat Upgrades

Get up to 2 TrickleStar smart Power strips just for scheduling an assessment.
This is a $60 value at no-cost to you.
Some restrictions apply.
During the Assessment our professional will also upgrade your lighting to high efficiency LED lighting. In most cases there is no limit to the lights that can be installed. 
Some restrictions apply.
Have up to 2 thermostats upgraded to 7-Day programmable thermostats at no-cost to you.  
Start Saving now while spending nothing. 
Some restrictions apply.

Fun Facts

High Efficiency Rebates 

Up to $3,250
In available rebates 

Up to $200
In available rebates 

Up to $400
In available rebates 

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