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NO-COST Home Energy Assessment
This is an in-home, in depth assessment of your homes energy consumption, heating and cooling systems, insulation levels and much more.

 Your Assessment will take Approx. 2Hrs and will address your current situation and make Recommendations on how you can improve your homes Energy Efficiency and ultimately save Money. 
Home Energy Action Plan

At the conclusion of your Energy Assessment your Energy Professional will supply you with a printed Home Energy Action Plan. 
This plan will outline the No-cost measures that were installed in your home and your expected savings along with details on where you could make improvements in your home to save even more. 

LED Lighting Upgrades
You are eligible for NO-Cost LED lighting upgrades. Converting from Incandescent bulbs to LED lighting can save you upwards of $10/light/year. Imagine if you replace all the lights in your home. LED lighting, Low-flow shower heads and sink aerators are all installed at NO-Cost to you. ​
Programmable Thermostat Upgrade
Get up to 2 Digital Thermostat Upgrades. Upgrade to 7-Day programmable thermostats to better control the heating and cooling in your home. The thermostat is installed and programmed by your Energy Professional at NO-Cost and can help eliminate wasteful heating and cooling habits. 
Advanced Technology Current Sensing Power Strip

Our Advanced Technology Current Sensing Power Strip is a great power saver. When the plugged in master device, such as a TV or PC, is turned off or goes to standby mode, this Advanced Technology Current Sensing Power Strip intelligently cuts off power to connected peripheral devices, such as DVD players and printers that
consume electricity even when they’re not being used. Eliminating standby power consumption is made simple