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Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions.
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  1. Q

    Is the Home Energy Assessment really Free?


    It is NO-COST. It is technically not free because you pay for the service on your monthly utility bill. The charge can be found listed as "Energy Efficiency Charge" or "Customer Charge". But there is absolutely no charge for the Assessment of the installed measures like LED lighting upgrades and other "ISMS" (Instant Savings Measures)
  2. Q

    Is there a catch?


    No, there is no catch. Thousands of satisfied customers can't be wrong.
  3. Q

    How long will the Assessment take?


    The length of the Assessment depends on the size and type of home. Some are more complex than others but it is a good idea to plan on an hour and a half to two hours to complete the Audit.
  4. Q

    Is the assessment the same as a home inspection?


    Although the 2 are similar a Home Energy Assessment will target areas that can help you save money on future energy costs. Some states require a Home Energy Assessment with every home purchase because it is so in depth and there are no partnerships with realtors.
  5. Q

    I have completed my Assessment and want to have the recommendations installed. What do I do now?


    At the end of your Assessment you will be given a printed "Home Energy Action Plan". 24-48 business hours after you will receive a contract by E-mail (fastest) or hand mail (slowest). Simply Sign the contract and send it back to A.A. Arden along with the outlined 1/3rd deposit and you will be ready to schedule your work.
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